C Language

Duration : 2 Months       Fees: 2500

  • Algorithms, and Flowcharts
  • Data types, constants, variables
  • operators, data input and output, assignment statements, conditional statements
  • Iteration (Loops)
  • Arrays, strings processing,
  • Defining function, types of functions, function prototype, recursion
  • Storage class specifiers, pre-processor, header files and standard functions
  • Pointers: Definition and uses of pointers, pointers and array, pointers and functions
  • Structures, union, pointers to structures, user-defined data types, enumeration.
  • File Handling


Duration : 3 Months       Fees: 3500

  • Evolution of OOP, OOP Paradigm, advantages of OOP, Comparison between functional programming
  • characteristics of object oriented language , objects, classes, inheritance, reusability, user defined data types, polymorphism, overloading.
  • Introduction to C++, Identifier and keywords, constants, C++ operators, type conversion
  • Variable declaration, statements, expressions, input and output, conditional expression loop statements, breaking control statements.
  • Defining function, types of functions, storage class specifiers, recursion, pre-processor, header files
  • Arrays, pointer arithmetics, structures, pointers and structures, unions, bit fields typed, enumerations.
  • Classes, member functions, objects, arrays of class objects, pointers and classes, nested classes
  • Constructors, destructors, inline member functions, static class member, friend functions
  • Dynamic memory allocation.
  • Inheritance, single inheritance, types of base classes, types of derivations, multiple inheritance
  • Function overloading, operator overloading, polymorphism, early binding, polymorphism with pointers
  • Virtual functions, late binding, pure virtual functions,
  • Opening and closing of files, stream state member functions, classes and file operations, random access file processing.