Oracle SQL

Duration : 1.5 Months       Fees: 2000 oracle coaching classes

  • Overview of DBMS, Basic DBMS terminology
  • Concepts of Super Key, candidate key, primary key
  • Normalization
  • Introduction to SQL: Characteristics of SQL, Advantages of SQL, SQL data types and literals
  • Types of SQL commands (DML,DDL,TCL,DCL), SQL operators, Tables, views and indexes,
  • Queries and sub queries, Aggregate functions, insert, update and delete operations
  • Types of Joins
  • Set Operators, Unions, Intersection, Minus in SQL
  • TCL (Rollback, Commit, SavePoint)
  • DCL, User creation , granting and revoking priviledges

Oracle PLSQL

Duration : 1.5 Months       Fees: 2000

  • PL/SQL basics, blocks, architecture
  • Variables an constants, attributes, character set, PL/SQL sentence structure
  • Data types, precompiler, conditional and sequential control statements
  • Control structures, conditional control, sequential control
  • Cursors
  • Exception handling
  • Triggers
  • procedures and functions
  • packages
  • Object-Relational Databases: Nested Relations, Complex Types, Inheritance, Reference Types, Querying with Complex Types
  • Functions and Procedures Storage for Object Databases