Duration : 1.5 Months       Fees: 2000

  • Introduction of HTML: introduction, markup language
  • Editing HTML : common tags,headers, text styles
  • Linking, images, formatting text, horizontal rules and more line breaks
  • Unordered lists, nested and ordered lists
  • Basic HTML tables : intermediate HTML tables and
  • Formatting : basic HTML forms, more complex HTML forms,
  • Internal linking, creating and using image maps
  • Dynamic HTML : CSS : introduction : inline styles, creating style sheets with the style element,
  • Linking external style sheets, positioning elements, backgrounds, element.
  • Applying Filters

Java Script

Duration : 1.5 Months       Fees: 2500

  • Java script : introduction to scripting:
  • Introduction: memory concepts, arithmetic,decision making
  • Java script control structures, Java script functions
  • introduction : program modules in java script
  • Function definitions, duration of identifiers, scope rules, recursion, java script global functions
  • Java script arrays: introduction, array-declaring and allocating arrays
  • References and reference parameters, passing arrays to functions, multiple subscripted arrays
  • Java script objects:introduction, math, string, data, boolean and number objects